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Activities & Things to Do

Activities in the Hotel:

  • Swimming in the pool
  • Sunbathing
  • Running in the beach
  • Swimming in the sea
  • Enjoying a massage

Near the Hotel you’ll find:

  • Palma Real Golf Course
  • La Marina Golf Couse
  • La Soledad Archaeological Zone
  • Petatlan’s Church
  • Las Gatas Beach
  • Ixtapa Island
  • Barra de Potosí
  • Troncones Beach
  • La Ropa Beach
  • Playa Linda
  • El Palmar Beach

Zihuatanejo Museum:

This small museum in Zihuatanejo was opened in 1992, and it is located at the end of Paseo del Pescador. It is made up of six exhibition rooms, where ceramic objects, clay, obsidian, green stone, and shell figures that represent the different historical phases of the Big Coast (which stretches from Acapulco to the mouth of Rio Balsas); all these objects have been found mainly in Cerro de La Madera and other places near the port.

Handcraft Market:

Ixtapa is more than just beautiful beaches; it is an important tourist complex that features big, luxury hotels and a large commercial zone where you can find modern malls. To fully enjoy Ixtapa, it is essential that you visit its commercial zone, whether to contract tourist services, dine out at one of the many restaurants or just visit the many establishments that sell souvenirs, beach clothing and handcrafts. As for handcrafts sale, they have jewelry made of delicate and beautiful Taxco works, and some stores sell the famous and colorful Olinalá shellacs. At some establishments in Ixtapa, it is possible to find some examples of the main artistic expressions of the country, such as the famous Sonora palo fierro statuettes, Puebla’s onyx figurines and some pottery and basketry pieces from different places of the country.


Zihuatanejo features restaurants where you can enjoy the best international food; however, it is also the ideal place to enjoy typical food from the Big Coast in Guerrero. Due to the proximity of the sea, the main dishes of the regional cuisine are made mainly with seafood. Clams, limpets, snails, barnacles, octopus, shrimp and lobster can be found in the waters near the port. The region is rich in sea bass, sea mullet, cabezuda, bluegill and cuatete. The main typical dishes of the city are the alive or cooked clam, limpet, fish grilled with mangrove wood, and fish sticks with lemon. The culinary tradition of the port has changed substantially due to the growth of the city and the increase of the number of tourists; however, it is possible to enjoy the region’s typical dish, lizard fried with garlic. Other dishes that are part of the regional gastronomy are Aporreadillo, green pozole, different tamales and chicken chalupas. Zihuatanejo’s typical drink is, without a doubt, the coconut water, which is the favorite of the local people and visitors due to its delicious flavor; it is also used to prepare cocktails. Around the city, there are ice cream stores where they sell a great variety of fruit waters.

Activities in Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo

This destination guarantees the visitors the most pleasant or most exciting trip. In its waters, the daring sportsmen can measure their skills, in the parks and beaches there are beautiful and safe places for an excellent family trip.


To walk or ride a bike and take some fresh air, to capture unforgettable moments in photography and acquire a sense of ecologic preservation, the different places in Ixtapa- Zihuatanejo would be appropriate. For sure, these trips are taken in all the beaches and surrounding areas of this destination, such as Selva de los Troncones or Playa Linda, however, Playa La Ropa stands out. Located southeast of Playa Municipal, where turtles and other reptiles nestle. It is possible to camp in some places, spending the night beneath the stars and telling stories around a fire; the most recommendable place for camping is Playa Linda. For the youngest ones there are two special places for recreation and leisure, Parque Aventura (Adventure Park) and Delfinario Delfiniti.


In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, there are two exclusive golf courses; both offer insuperable quality of service in their excellent facilities, aside from being surrounded by the most wonderful landscapes. The courses for the development of this sport are: Marina Ixtapa Golf Club, one of Mexico’s best golf clubs, it features an 18-hole course, par 72; Palma Real Golf Course, on Ixtapa Boulevard, it features 18 holes, par 72.


Ixtapa–Zihuatanejo is considered an important fishing port, due to the abundance of species. In its waters, the tourist will find sailfish, marlin or dorado, jewfish, sawfish, barracuda, jurel and bonito. The port can supply the best vessels, professional guide and equipment, even for those curious people who don’t have great experience in this activity.


This destination possesses over 30 places to practice diving: reefs, low lands, submarine canyons and corals, stand out the named “ripios” and two sunken ships that act as artificial reefs. In the marine territories, divers go for a ride surrounded by dolphins, rays, octopuses, morays and lesser fork beard fish. In Punta Ixtapa, 12 kms north of Zihuatanejo, there are still waters and depths from 10 to 15 meters, which make it an easy place for inexperienced divers; to explore beautiful coral reefs, there is a tour called “Bajo de la Tintorera”, especially for diving reaching a 50 meters in depth; in Cueva de la Gata, 15 to 20 meters depth, cat shark specimens can be seen closely; and in Fandango, 10 meters in-depth, the wreckage of a sunken ship covered with corals can be observed. Anyone visiting Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo will be able to have the best under water adventure.


Without a doubt, the best place to jump into water in kayak is Barra del Potosi, only 25 km from Zihuatanejo, in the middle of a group of islands surrounded by mangroves. In that community, you can find the most professional guides and the best equipment. To row and avoid obstacles on the way is an activity full of vitality and fun.


Surf and windsurf lovers will find the best waves and wind in Las Escolleras and Playa La Ropa. In Las Escolleras the “Karma Surf” tournament, which convokes surfers from Mexico and from all around the world, has become a tradition. In Ixtapa and surrounding areas you will find well-stocked stores with implements for this activity, as well as services of instructors that help you learn the art of dominating the waves.