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Our History

The bay of Zihuatanejo is characterized by an extraordinary set of natural formations.

It is characteristic of most of the Pacific's rare calets and bays and is probably due to its proximity to the mountainous terrain that forms de coastline of the state of Guerrero.

The coast of the bay of Zihuatanejo has an excellent depth for all types of vessels. The beach of Madera was the site in the mid-1950s for one of Zihuatanejo's first hotels, Hotel Irma. Building began in 1954 and was completed the following year, based on a design by the architects Aquiles Rodríguez Peña and Enrique Pasta. Construction was no minor feat, nearly all of the materials and supplies were brought in by ship as there was only a narrow path through swamps from the landside.

The hotel is set on the beautiful bay of Zihuatanejo with an excellent location amongst the splendid vegetation that connects the privacy of the hotel with the richness of the surrounding landscape.

In those early years the hotel only had twelve rooms simply decorated with an informal air, blending in with the local atmosphere and the beautiful coastline.

Construction used very few materials, particularly stone, brick and wood creating an elegant and romantic style. The style was very pleasing to the visitors of the 1960s, mostly foreigners arriving by pleasure yachts and ships, absorbing the sun and scenery, and relaxing in nature’s environment. Or indulging in all types of aquatic sports such as fishing, diving and skiing in the beautiful waters of the bay of Zihuatanejo.

The colorful atmosphere combined with the calm and good humor of the local inhabitants, made Zihuatanejo one of the most visited ports on the Mexican Pacific.

The hotel has many terraces and paths that lead to the calm waters of the pools, that contribute to the changing climate as the days get on, adding to the infinite calm and tranquility.

Set in a cozy atmosphere, with exquisite cuisine, and visited by the guests attired with great elegance made it a first class restaurant, with great prestige and much loved by the guests.

The first owner, who gave her name to the hotel, had a staff of four: a chambermaid, a waiter, a cook, and his assistant who prepared traditional dishes to the delight of all the guests.

By the 1970s, a cool an comfortable addition to the hotel was built and converted into one of the best and most modern discotheques “Paradise”, that attracted a very select audience.

The neighboring hotels, Catalina and Safari (now Sota Vento) also built around the same time, are also silent witnesses to the passage of time and the development of Zihuatanejo.

Near the end of the 70s, Fernando García Ríos, acquired the hotel and with great vision undertook an expansion, adding his personal touch.

Growth followed two directions: up with a new tower of comfortable and functional rooms, and a grand terrace, livens up the modern Jacuzzi that adds freshness to a relaxed atmosphere.

At present, the hotel has 73 rooms with natural lighting, adding a delightful touch in good taste.

Guests are greeted by a beautiful fountain, hand carved in stone in the local artisan style, with its relaxing sound of running water, a traditional mexican mural, and decorative hand-woven rugs with encrusted stones typical of this region.

The hotel's elegant “Las Naranjas” restaurant offers an excellent cuisine in front of a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. For drinks, “Los Nichos” bar is next door with comfortable furnishings and high ceilings permitting the soft ocean breeze to bathe the bar creating a romantic atmosphere.

Likewise, the Hotel Irma has a great conceptual and harmonious richness that captivates guests that year by year return to warm facilities to enjoy the distinctive service.

Keeping it always in a top place among local hotels, the current management with its avant garde ideas hasn’t stopped the updating, conservation and quality that characterizes this place of great visual attraction.

This is how the experiences that make the history and tradition of the Hotel Irma, the crown of La Madera Beach, keep their course having time as an ally.

The aroma that comes from the Hotel Irma ambiance, along with the human warm of our staff, is a seductive and irresistible invitation for resting…give yourself the opportunity of visiting us.