Hotel Irma

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you have answers to the most common questions about our hotel. If you do not find the information you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help you and make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Hotel services

Are they an all-inclusive hotel?

No, we dont manage all inclusive concept.

How many pools do they have?

2 pools

Is the water in the pools warm or room temperature?

The water in the pools is room temperature.

Do you accept pets?

Unfortunately we do not accept pets.

Do you have a laundry service?

Yes, with a supplement

Do you have elevators?


What is the check-in and check-out time to rooms?

Check in 15:00 - check out 12:00

Does it have parking?

Yes, it is a small parking.

Do you have valet parking?


Do you have daycare service for children?


Location and Beach

Can I go into the sea?

La madera beach is a quiet beach considered a natural swimming pool with soft waves

How far is it from the center?

10 minutes walking

Do you have airport-hotel-airport transportation service?

No, The only way to acces and leave to and from the hotel is taking a taxi

Are you on the beach?

We are on the beach over a risk, you need to godown a staircase to access to the beach

Is it a private beach?

No, it is a public beach

Do you have lounge chair services on the beach?

No, only in swimming pools area

What is the access to the beach from the Hotel like?

Going down a staircase of 65 steps or walking by the street

Does access to the beach have hours?

The door access to the beach has a schedule from 8 - 5 pm, after you need to access by the street.


Do you have kitchenettes, minibars or coffee makers in the rooms?

No, none of them

Are the breakfasts buffet?

American breakfasts which consists Juice or fruit, eggs to the taste, bread, coffe or tea.

Can drinks and food be brought into the hotel?

Only foods and beverages purchased at the hotel can be consumed.

Do you have hot water in rooms?

Yes. All of them

Do you handle extra beds?

No, the rooms are provided with 2 double beds for maximun 4 persons

Do you have connecting rooms?


Is there a Jacuzzi in the rooms?

We do not have rooms with jacuzzi, the hotel has 1 Jacuzzi in the terrace it is for general use.

In rooms, what does interior mean?

They do not have ocean view, their views face the street, mountain, corridors

If my room is quadruple, are there 4 beds?

No, it is called for the number of adults in

If the room is single, is it cheaper?

Single or double has the same price

Are there non-smoking and smoking rooms?

All the rooms and the hotel is free of smoke.


Do you accept groups?

Yes, we have special rates and conditions for groups

Is there parking for buses?

There is no parking for buses on the hotel premises. By order of the H. City Council, buses are not allowed to go up to the Hotel area, they stay in the parking area designated for buses and the last section to the IRMA hotel, which is 650 meters, must be done by another means, such as taxi, public transport or walking.


Do you manage months without interest?

Yes, conditions apply and only for certain bank cards.

Do you have any additional questions? Please contact us.